How to weave a motive with pick up from Summer &Winter weave Elaya’s squares


How to weave a motive with pick up from Summer &Winter weave

Elaya’s squares



This instruction is designated for intermediate weavers.

When creating this instruction I decided to base it on Summer & Winter technique and derive it for weaving according to a square draft. With my technique I tried to approach more variability. So instead of weaving a set of symmetrically shaped leafs I used my own pattern. This is not a typical S&W instruction, but my own method I derived from it so that it fits the purpose of picking out the motive. Before trying out my method (picking out with a stick), I highly recommend you try the classical S&W technique and follow the conventional weaving process first.

Thanks to this technique you will be able to weave any motive designed in square warp. Whether it is easy or not – depends on what you choose, it is all up to you and your imagination and creativity. The perks of this warp is there are no long floats which means you get mirrored motive in color and it is also mirrored in shape. In my instructions I also enclose design of the beautiful Monstera leafs. I modified it myself, using a draft generated by a Cross stitch editor and it is fair to say it is a very complex pattern, because it took me 10 hours altogether. You can follow it all the way through or design your own draft in the editor.


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